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DUI SR-22 Filing in California

SR-22 is a certificate of insurance filed directly to the Department of Motor Vehicles by your insurance company. When you are required to carry an SR-22 it can be for any of the following reasons: Major Convictions, Repeat traffic offenses, or no Insurance at the time of an Auto Accident. You will need to request your insurance company to file an SR-22 for you. Here at New Redwood Insurance Services we can instantly issue you a paper SR-22 that you can walk into DMV with and can get your license back the same day. The SR-22 can also be electronically filed with the DMV but it can take 72 business hours to appear in the DMV system. The SR-22 filing fee is typically only $20 a year, although some of our carries charge $15 a year and some don’t have a fee at all. Since the fee is not very much for the SR-22 many client’s wonder why their insurance is now more expensive then before. The answer can be different for each person but mainly it’s because the driver now has a Major violation, an accident, or a few tickets on their DMV driving record. The DMV typically requires the driver to have an SR-22 for 3 years continuously. If you let the insurance policy cancel during the 3 year period your drivers license can be suspended because you no longer have the SR-22 on file. The DMV will require you to pay a reissue fee to them and the insurance carrier will also require for you to pay to reissue the SR-22 plus any reinstatement fees. When you no longer need an SR-22 you should check with DMV to confirm that you have completed the necessary time before removing it from your Insurance policy in order to prevent additional suspensions. If you need to insure your Car, Truck, Motorcycle, or just need a Non-owners insurance policy we can help you get an instant SR-22 today!

SR-22 Insurance