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Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance

As a Business owner, it is important to protect your company from any liability issues that may arise. Commercial Auto Insurance can help pay for accidents in your business vehicle. From theft and collisions, to lawsuits and medical expenses. Covering your employees while they are driving the business vehicles will help keep your business and employees safe from risks on the road.
Whether you own an ice cream truck or a trucking company, New Redwood Insurance Services  can find coverage for new endeavors and high risk businesses.

When you hire us, we work for you, not for the insurance companies.

Commercial Auto Insurance FAQ

What is Commercial Auto Insurance?

Commercial Auto Insurance is similar to your personal auto insurance. It can help pay for repairs to your business vehicle if the physical damage occurs by theft, collisions, or weather events. Lawsuit costs, such as medical and legal expenses associated with accidents may also be covered. Depending on how you or your employees use their business vehicle for work, your business could be liable for any accidents caused. New Redwood Insurance Services will customize a policy that works best for your business type while staying within your budget. 
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I have a suspended license, can I still get auto insurance?

Commercial auto insurance will be required if any vehicle is used for business purposes or even if you are advertising your business on the vehicle. If your employees will be utilizing the vehicle for any business use, whether it is making deliveries, running business errands, or driving customers to the office, a commercial auto policy will be needed. 
In some occupations and circumstances, your personal auto policy may cover your vehicle, but don’t leave any grey areas. Our agents can customize your policy to fit your business vehicle needs and walk you through your coverages. 

A Commercial Auto policy could be needed if you or employees use the vehicle to for the following

  • Haul business equipment in the vehicle
  • ​Carry flammable or any hazardous material
  • Transporting business used housekeeping supplies/ equipment
  • Using or hauling cranes, plow, or winch
  • Delivering any food, goods, or newspapers
  • ​Trucking and freight transportation
  • Transporting people as a service
  • Advertising your business on your vehicle

What does Commercial Auto Insurance cover?

A Commercial Auto Insurance policy may vary based on the insurance company and the coverage amounts (limits) you choose. Some types of coverages are already included in the commercial auto policy while other options may be purchased and added as an “endorsement.”

Typical coverages that may be included:

  • Liability for property damage and bodily injury to others
  • Out of State bodily injury occurrence
  • Medical expenses and lost wage coverage for personal injury to you, your employed drivers, or passengers 
  • ​Comprehensive and Collision coverage
  • ​Medical payment coverage
  • ​Uninsured and underinsured motorist
  • ​Non-owned auto coverage while renting or borrowing a vehicle for you or your employees
  • ​Liability for loading and unloading 
  • ​Temporary transportation while your commercial vehicle is repaired