Workers’ Compensation

Worker's Compensation Insurance

Worker's Compensation Insurance

Workers Compensation Insurance covers your business and your employees in the event your worker falls ill, gets injured, or dies on the job. Work-related accidents happen, even in the safest work environments.. Workers Compensation is required In most states to cover the medical costs and lost wages of workers that are injured or fall ill on the job. Without Workers Comp, you could be liable to pay for these costs out-of-pocket. 

Whether you have 1 or 1000 employees, workers comp is essential to ensure the safety and protection of your employees and business. Let New Redwood Insurance Services walk you through the benefits of workers compensation and set you up with the right policy for your business. Call us at (707) 981-4707 or submit your FREE QUOTE start saving today!

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California Required Benefits

Medical Care
Temporary Disability Benefits
Permanent Disability Benefits
Death Benefits
Return-to-Work Benefits
Supplemental Job Displacement Benefits

Frequently Asked Workers Compensation Insurance Questions

How does Workers Compensation Insurance work?

Workers Compensation Insurance is provided by the employer to the employee. You are required to have Workers Compensation if you have one or more employees. The cost is not shared by employees and employers, it is the responsibility of the employer to cover it.

If a worker is injured or falls ill on the job, you are required to cover your employee’s medical cost and lost wages. If you are not insured with Workers Compensation, you can be penalized and subject to fines by the state.

What are some factors that go into determining how much I’ll pay?

Reasons that determine your annual premium:

  • Company’s past work-related injury claims
  • Payroll
  • Industry Classification
  • Any customized certified health care organization
  • Dividends programs your company may be eligible for
  • Special groups your business may be eligible for

What actions do I take if my employee falls ill or gets injured on the job?

Accidents happen, that is why you, as the employer, must take immediate action to protect your employee and business:

  1. : Within 24 hours of the work-related illness or injury, you must provide a workers compensation form. 
    1. You may find Workers Compensation forms here
  2. Within one working day, return a completed copy of the form to your employee 
  3. A complete Medical Provider Network (MPN) employee notification must be provided to the insured worker if they are covered by an MPN along with a scheduled medical evaluation with a physician. 
  4. Within one working day of the receipt, forward the claim form and your report of the work-related injury or sickness to your claims administrator. 
  5. Authorize up to $10,000 in medical treatments withIn one working day of receiving the employee's claim.
  6. When appropriate and allowed, arrange transitional, or light duty work. 
  7. Be aware, if the insured employee is a victim of a crime that occured at work, you must also give notice of workers’ comp eligibility within one day of the event.

What if I think an employee or medical provider is committing fraud? Where do I report the crime?

Workers’ Compensation fraud can happen in many ways. Whether from a medical provider over-billing for treatments, or an employee claiming to be injured at work while really, the injury was caused during a soccer practice. 

If you suspect an employees workers comp claim is not valid, give a detailed report to your workers comp claims administrator. 

If you suspect fraud, you should report it to the California Department of Insurance (CDI). You can find more information on the Fraud Divisions Page of their website. You may also report information regarding insurance fraud to: 

California Department of Insurance

Fraud Division

2400 Del Paso Road, Suite 250

Sacramento, CA 95834

A list of regional offices is available.