Boat Insurance

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Boat Insurance

Boat Insurance through New Redwood is very affordable! You will be surprised by our low rates! We can cover your power boat, sailboat and other vessels. If you have an Automobile, Motorcycle, Scooter, ATV, UTV, Trailer or RV policy with us we can provide a Multiple Policy Discount. We can cover your boat with Comprehensive and Collision or Basic Liability. Have you ever been stuck out on the water? We offer On-Water Towing which will pay for your tow back to land. We can also cover all of your fishing gear and personal items too! For real peace of mind you need a policy that provides exceptional coverage.

Common Discounts

Multi-Policy Discount
Pay-in-Full Discount
Home Ownership Discount
Boat Education Discount
Original Owner Discount
Advanced Quote Discount
Multi-Boat Discount
Responsible Driver Discount

Frequently Asked Boat & Watercraft Insurance Questions

Will I save money by canceling my boat insurance policy in the off-season?

Not necessarily. While you would save on monthly premiums, your boat is still at risk during the off-season. That means if your boat is damaged by fire, flood, or vandalism, or if your boat is stolen, you’d be responsible for paying all damages out of pocket. Plus, you will lose out on tenure-based benefits like disappearing deductibles and large accident forgiveness.

If I raise my deductibles, will my premium go down?

Typically, yes. You can save on your boat insurance premium by raising your deductibles. Just like any kind of insurance, it’s important to consider how much risk you’re assuming in exchange for lower monthly or full-term payments.

Do I need Boat Insurance if my boat isn't expensive?

The financial risk of being a boat owner doesn't just include the cost of replacing or repairing your boat — there are potential medical bills if you, someone on your boat or another person is injured in an accident. And, there are the potential costs of repairing another person's property as well as other risks to consider. Boat insurance may help prevent you from paying out of pocket in those kinds of situations.