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As the Jack-Of-All-Trades, a contractor is exposed to an array of risks. For that reason, it is imperative to protect your tools and assets with your customized Contractor Insurance policy. Call now and talk to a live expert today! Easily choose the right policy with the right coverages.

Due to the type of work a contractor does, the risks tied to a contractor can affect both the business and the business owner. If a lawsuit arises from the work performed by a client, without your tailored insurance, you could be stuck paying for the legal costs and other forms of financial burdens.

New Redwood Insurance Services will personalize your contractor insurance by walking you through your coverage options for your exact types of trade skills. With such a variety of risks that come with the trade, your insurance premiums can be expensive. With an experienced agent that knows how to help you save, your policy does not have to break the bank. Our agents can help your business, whether you are a party of one or have multiple employees.

Call us or get your 100% free quote started and start saving today.

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Contractor's Insurance FAQ

Handyman, Plumber, General Contractor, Landscaper, Etc: What policy does my trade / profession need?

Each profession comes with its unique risks. It can get overwhelming to figure out the right policy or policies you’ll need to protect your clients and business. What work will you be doing? Do you offer handyman services where you will need a general liability policy or maybe a policy for floor installation? Maybe you fit in multiple categories. 

New Redwood Insurance Services will simplify the process:

  • Fill out our quick free quote
  • Let us know a little bit about your business and your budget
  • We will tailor a policy or policies for the exact protection your business needs
  • We will walk you through each coverage and how it benefits your business. 
  • Sign & Bind

What does contractors insurance cover?

Contractors insurance is important to cover your business from events such as injuries or client property damage for which your business is responsible for. Your contractor’s general liability insurance will cover these exposures and is essential to your policy. Covering your business vehicles and employees may be added to your policy with commercial auto insurance and worker’s compensation.

What coverages should I look for in my contractor insurance policy?

As outlined above, depending on the size of your business, the types of clients, and the type of work, you may need several policies. General Liability Insurance should be at the top of your list as it protects your business from a variety of risks such as, damages to someone’s property, accidents that may occur, or even if you are must defend your business from an accusation of libel or slander.

Carrying tools and equipment in your commercial vehicle to each job site or customer homes will require a Commercial Auto Policy. If your truck or vehicle is modified for your trade, or even advertise your business on your vehicle, a commercial auto policy would be the way to go. 

For more comprehensive coverage that can be built to fit your business’ specific needs, a Business Owner’s Policy may be more beneficial. 

If your company has employees, you are required to carry Workers Compensation. Purchasing the right policies can be confusing, get in touch with one of our agents that can guide you through your choices.

Am I required to have insurance as a handyman in California?

If you are a handyman in California, you are not required by law to carry insurance, but the state license board strongly recommends it. Without insurance, your business can be financially responsible for unexpected events that may occur as a result of your handyman services.

Do I need a contractor’s license to be a handyman in California?

In California, you may be a handyman without a contractor's license, but may not charge over $500 a job. The state licensing board still reccomends carrying insurance to protect your jobs and business.

For more information to obtain a contractors license, visit the General Contractor’s License Guide.