Support during the Coronavirus


We understand the financial impact of Coronavirus. Now more than ever, it is important to know your options when it comes to your insurance premiums:

We wanted to know more about what our insurance carriers were doing to help during this time. 

Reaching out to insurance companies, we started hearing that some companies will defer your payments for a certain amount of time or even discount the cost. 

What does that mean for you?

Keep in mind, this should be your last resort and not just to take advantage of these trying times. 

These Payment Arrangement Options mean that you will get an extended grace period for a certain amount of time. That payment will then either be:

  • Divided up into the remaining installments
  • The payments will be due in full on the next billing cycle

You may also want to keep in mind that you may be driving less due to the current situations. 

Is your annual mileage still accurate? 

Let us know if we can help.

We will take a look at your policy and walk you through the benefits and risks of your insurance options. As the Covid-19 pandemic continues and more information is released, we will keep you updated with relevant information.



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